In today's society it's more difficult for students to maintain focus, in a digital environment providing many distractions. The internet and social media have caused self expectations to be higher, and cyber bullying has become an accessible means for children to defame character. Studies are finding that the digital age has resulted in anxiety becoming an increasing issue. Mental health in youth has finally begun to receive the attention it deserves, along with physical health and well-being.

     All students have challenges to work through, and dreams they wish to achieve. It all starts with a positive supportive environment at school, to learn and grow through dedicated work.


THe Next Generation

Addressing popular youth issues while providing motivation, through sharing his journey from the schoolyard to competing on the world stage.

Josh knows a lot about dedication, focus, overcoming challenges, and the importance of respect and unity.

Messaging includes:

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  • FOCUS & DEDICATION-  helping students' goals and dreams become reality

  • CONFIDENCE BUILDING- How to believe in yourself

  • ANTI-BULLYING- providing perspective for students, encouraging to respect each others' differences

  • YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH-  releasing stigma through conversation, discouraging judgement and encouraging support.

  • PLUS- additional customized messaging to address any specific challenges the school/students are currently facing.



Josh knew what it was like to face a big challenge at an early age. through his childhood cancer Josh learned how to transform his perspective which gave him tremendous success.