Joshua Cassidy was born November 15th, 1984. He came into the
world fighting a non-congenital cancer which primarily effects children,
Neuroblastoma. The doctors told his parents that their newborn had a
narrow chance of survival. Perhaps through a combination of medicine,
family prayer, and a will to live, Joshua won miraculously. The damage
done to his spinal chord left his legs partially paralyzed. Where many
saw obstacles ahead, this young boy saw opportunities. This blessing
gave him the blocks needed to overcome hardships and build a life of
success, love, and happiness.

Joshua grew up as the oldest of 10 kids which began in the military life,
then a farm life, moving out as a young man to the city life, and now
Josh has spent over a decade travelling and living around the globe.
Josh's early love of sport eventually led to athletics, and in 2008 he
competed in his first Paralympic Games in Beijing, in front of 90,000
spectators. At the London Marathon in 2010, Josh recorded his first ‘big’
win, against the best in the world.

In 2012 Josh won the prestigious Boston Marathon with an incredible
performance, recording the World's Fastest time of 1:18:25. He has
been recorded hitting a top end speed of over 80 km/h down the Tyne
Tunnel in Newcastle UK. In a year Josh has covered over 7500kms,
equivalent of the width of Canada, coast to coast. He has been a
Canadian Champion 28 times and is also the Canadian Record holder
in the  5000m, 10000m, and Marathon.

Now a three time Paralympian, winning many races around the world,
Joshua is known internationally for his work ethic and fortitude. He has
beaten every competitor in the world at least once. He is currently
preparing for his fourth Paralympic Games in Tokyo.