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Writing blog for CBC leading up to and during Commonwealth Games

Posted on February 9th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

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CBC asked me to write a blog for them leading up to the Commonwealth Games- my preparations, competitions leading up. Then blog during the games, a perspective from the athletes village, competition venue, etc.

My first two entries:

“At home in front of thousands of people” – As a kid, I think I imagined competing in big events so many times that, when I’m actually there, it doesn’t feel as strange as it should. Instead, I just feel a rush of adrenaline and a drive to succeed. I’m right at home in a stadium filled with thousands of people. I’ve been training hard to make the Commonwealth Games successful, and I’m aiming for nothing less than the top. I’ll be extremely disappointed with anything less than a podium finish in Delhi.  READ MORE by clicking the link below

“Finding balance between my two passions”- I mentioned in my last entry that I had created some promotional artwork for an upcoming race. Illustration is my other equal passion alongside athletics. Free time is hard to come by, but when I get some I like to spend it creating art. I have equally high ambitions in that field. READ MORE by clicking the link below

All of the blog entries can be viewed here:

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