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Tunnel 2K in Newcastle, England

Posted on September 29th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

In Newcastle for the race in Tyne Tunnel- 1k straight down, and then 1k straight up.  No race has athletes hitting faster speeds- almost 70km/h going down. Last year I won the event, so there was a bit of pressure, especially with a stronger field of competition.  Britain’s David Weir was there, one of the top 2 guys in the world, so I knew he would be the one to beat.  Off the line I was 3rd, 2nd by the top of the hill.  I was very confident this time going down, and was able to overtake dave by the bottom.  I led the way up the hill for the first, with about 4-5 guys close behind. Dave eventually overtook me, and I started gaining on him close to the end, but he pulled away for the finish. I finished 12 seconds faster than the time I won with last year.. which is a huge improvement, and only 6-7 seconds behind Dave… so I can’t be too disappointed.  4:12. Besides the YouTube link at the bottom, there is also some of the same footage, but new interviews on Gillette Sport tv. The link is . I am wearing the orange and white with the dark helmet in the videos.  Big thanks to all of the sponsors and Dave Burdus to make this possible. Tunnel 2K 2009 VIDEO

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