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Tough Decision

Posted on August 30th, by Josh Cassidy in london olympics. 1 Comment

Last night I made the difficult decision not to attend the Opening Ceremonies… I know many of you were looking out for me. Why you may ask?

Well it definitely would have been amazing. My first experience at the Beijing Opening Ceremonies was amazing. They were just spectacular. First time entering a stadium filled with 90,000 people! Not too many get to experience that. Just amazing energy, amazing show. So cool walking out with team Canada. The moment that got me, unexpectedly, was the lighting of the torch. When it was lit.. it definitely got me emotional.. I am getting shivers just thinking of it. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was the first time I thought, “alright.. you did it”… a very special moment for me.

So why not this time around? The short answer, I’m just a way too focused. I am sure it would have been an amazing experience, and after the decision not to go, I was starting to have second thoughts.. would have been a lot of fun marching out with the team.. But that experience would mean getting to bed sometime after 2am.. and I race in two days.

Even positive experiences can require energy, and at this point, I am trying to conserve every bit I can. If it means using the energy for the amazing experience of opening ceremonies, so be it. I didn’t want to get rained on and get sick. I didn’t want to be sitting for hours and regret going, because that would have done worse damage. And to be honest, my mind is on more than ceremonies, its on racing. I want more than the parade and experience this time. I want medals. And it is going to be tough.

I DEFINITELY watched the ceremonies on tv, and I have to say I found the first bit before the parade especially amazing. If I was in the parade I wouldn’t have even seen the first part. Stephen Hawking.. ’nuff said. Very cool.. And it was SO awesome watching team Canada march out, and it was great hearing my buddy/former training partner/former teammate/former competitor.. and childhood racing idol Jeff Adams commentate, and give me a generous introduction despite my absence, in fact acknowledging the wise decision. It was his FIRST time seeing the opening ceremonies after SIX Paralympics. Was always a tough decision, but obviously one of a champion. He won 13 Paralympic medals among many other titles in his career.

No way I could sleep for the fireworks, so I DID go outside for those:) Very cool :)

Anyways, that was the decision, for those of you looking out for me. Sorry you couldn’t find me! You’ll be seeing me on the track very soon.

Oh, and I will most definitely be going to the closing ceremonies. You can count on me celebrating there for sure… in a very Canadian way ;)

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  • The Fergusons

    Good luck, Josh! All of Saugeen Shores is rooting for you!