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Touched Down in London Paralympics 2012 Part 2

Posted on August 29th, by Josh Cassidy in london olympics. No Comments

So.. the burning questions..

How do I think it will go? What am I expecting? I am expecting that I will be giving everything for medals. All of that focus I was talking about was to ensure that I would have no regrets in this moment right now. And I don’t. I’ve done EVERYTHING I possibly can think of. Besides some bad health a few times this year, which is out of my hands, so i let go and change what I can.

I AM in the best shape I have ever been. Pushing personal bests and near world records in training. Will it be enough? We’ll see. Its going to be SUCH close competition, with nearly 10 guys in every event with an honest shot at the podium. I could medal in everything, I could medal in nothing. First to 6th place could be a second in a 5000m. So no one can really predict things. But I can guarantee one thing. I’m going for the gold. In everything.

I am SO excited for my family and friends that are coming. Thanks to P&G for helping make that happen. No matter how it turns out for me, I know I can be excited about my family and friends sharing this moment with me, after knowing all I have gone through.

Just finishing this up as I’m riding the bus to where its all going down. Here we go!!

P.S. :) its sunny in London town ;)

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