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Toronto premiere of “Unbeaten” at The Spokes Club

Posted on May 22nd, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

Shortly after returning home from my win in London, I was asked to come attend a private screening of acclaimed filmmaker Steven Barber’s newest documentary, Unbeaten. A few months ago, those involved with the film were invited by James Cameron and Sam Worthington to the premiere of Avatar. With a goal of raising awareness for disabled military veterans and the opportunities available to them, and for greater understanding and knowledge of “disabled” sport to the general public, Steven along with all involved in the film Unbeaten have already succeeded.  Proceeds from the film are going to the Challenged Athlete’s Fund.

The documentary starts out by following three paraplegics as they embark on a journey to Alaska to compete in one of the toughest races in the world, “Sadler’s Alaska Challenge”.  The race is a 267 mile event that takes the competitors up through the mountains. The film switches focus to the elite hand cyclers, and follows them past the race in Alaska, on to the Beijing Paralympic Games.  

Upon talking with Steven, I am very excited about his ambition to create a greater, proper understanding of those who are disabled and involved in sport.  I encourage everyone to watch and support this film however they can. Steven’s film premiered the following week in Washington, D.C. With hopes of coming back to Canada for the Toronto Film Festival, and the possbility of an Oscar Nomination as it has qualified for Academy consideration.  


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