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Stoke Mandeville England track meet

Posted on August 16th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments


I wasn’t too happy with my performances here, despite being one of a few to record another A standard time for the world championships.  After some disappointing equipment problems in the 1500m, I had to drop out even though I was feeling good after pulling the first lap.   Luckily I was able to take another crack at the 1500m at the end of the day, after a few more races, thanks to Marcel and a few others for joining. I raced strongly, but I wasn’t quite feeling myself, not quite where I wanted to be at the finish.  David and Marcel were both pushing very well this meet, but even though I was strong, I didn’t quite feel like I was where I should be, and where I have been in recent weeks.  For some self punishment I entered the “last man out” race, where the last man to cross the line after each lap gets eliminated.  I treated it like a 3000m sprint instead of a fartlek to get some frustration out.

I was experiencing some extreme cramping in my forearms which was definitely effecting my lactic threshold and top end speed.  Good to get this first meet out of my system, have a few easy days to rest up for a fresh start (and fresh haircut), for 3 days of racing in Switzerland.

DSC_0010smallDSC_0017smallWinning team BWAA June 2010

Thanks to Pete Bushell and David Burdus for the pics!

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