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Posted on February 24th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments


I’m proud to officially be a member of the SHIFT Performance Training, Athletic Rehabilitation team. I have been going to Shift in Guelph for the last year now, training and receiving therapeutic treatment from staff members.  Top track coach Loren Seagrave got me in touch with Wayne Burke, when I was looking for a new strength and conditioning coach. I was so happy with the training and treatment there, that it played a major role in my decision to move from Oakville to Guelph. The whole staff is absolutely wonderful, on top of knowing their stuff, they are great people to be around.  The Shift is a unique environment, providing one on one and group fitness classes, in a fun but tough atmosphere. Ideal for the average person trying to get in shape, to the young athlete trying to make it to the big leagues, Shift is for everyone. Highly recommend coming and trying it out to get fit or get treatment!

A big thanks to Scott Haller for recognizing and supporting me in my journey to 2012! And thanks to all the staff and the wonderful work they do!


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