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Port Elgin Torch Run- generous donation by the LMHL

Posted on January 22nd, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. 1 Comment

This update is a little late, but should not be left out:

On December 28th, the Winter Olympic Torch came through Port Elgin.  In true Canadian fashion, the relay went on amidst a blizzard.  Among the torch bearers was Brian Williams, sports commentator for nearly every Olympic Games since 1976.  He was there with his son’s family to celebrate the event. Brian is a really classy and intelligent guy, who as always, was a delight to hear speak.  It was the first time I had met him in person as well, and had a great chat with him. He had the Canadian Olympic Hockey roster in his pocket, but wouldn’t spill any info on the announcement everyone is waiting to hear. 

It was an honor to be asked to lead out the Olympic Torch bearers into The Plex, where a filled arena came in to celebrate in true Olympic fashion, with tonnes of spirit and anticipation.  Being on the ice and getting to see the excitement of the community at the spectacle, filled me with a little more drive… I hope that I can bring a medal home to Saugeen Shores in similar fashion to share with a community who has generously shared so much with me.

Before the event, the Lakeshore Men’s Hockey League continued the generosity I have experienced, donating $500 towards my costs of equipment.  Its really hard to describe all of the costs that go into training and competing at a world class level, and having the community come together like it has really exemplifies what the Olympic and Paralympic Games are all about. Thank you so much to all of the guys in the LMHL for choosing to help me out, your kindness will not be forgotten in my travels in Australia.

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  • Julian Glowacki

    Hello Josh

    I was at The Plex to witness the ceremonies that you described and met you with very cold hands when you entered The Plex. Several hours previously I carried the torch at Erin, ON and drove through the blizzard to see the torch arrive and witness the ceremonies. I met Brian also after the ceremonies, had a brief chat with me and posed for my camera. He was a real a gentlemen and it was treat to meeting the both of you ! If you might, we met at Walmarts and you wished me well for my run. After my run and experiences at Port and elsewhere, I felt compelled to submit a story of my experiences to the Shoreline Beacon which saw fit to publish it in the January 5 issue with some my pictures ! I am happy for your successes also !

    Take care … Julian