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New 10000m Canadian Record holder

Posted on January 23rd, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

My first event in Australia took place in Canberra, on the track at the AIS on Wednesday. It was a very hot day, which made the track a little slower, still scoching at 6pm with a decent wind. The 1500m was the first event which went quite well. Though I was first coming into the final stretch with a very elite group, I finished 4th, half a second from first in a tight finish.  I was pretty happy with how I raced that, but I viewed it as a warm-up for what was to come. 

The 10000m race took place just before 9pm, and it had cooled down a bit and the wind died a little. A field of 11 started strong, not going below 32km/h in the first few laps, with a strong pace being set. Everyone seemed to want fast times, with the opportunity to qualify for a 10000m at World Championships.  The pace was definitely going faster than I expected, with people dropping off and pulling out, leaving 4 in the lead pack about a third to halfway through. I was one of them. It was one of the toughest races I have ever done, demanding every ounce of energy and adrenaline to keep in.  Around halfway I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to hang in, feeling dehydrated, my muscles numb as I pushed them past their capacity. I barely managed to grab a sip of fluid from my camelback, and it was enough to give me the bit of energy I needed. Kurt Fearnley, myself, Marcel Hug, and Kota Hokinoue pushed together right to the end, with Kurt taking the win, myself two seconds behind in fourth.  Though I wanted top 3, I was still satisfied as we passed the former World Record of 20:25 set by Heinz Frei in ’99. My time was 20:17, which is now the new Canadian Record.  The World Record is still pending, as a faster performance was recorded, however it was done on the Warm Springs track, which has an ashphalt surface, illegal for IPC records.


Pictures to come soon..

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