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MY favourite memory of the 2012 Olympic Games

Posted on August 19th, by Josh Cassidy in in the news, london olympics. No Comments

I am heartbroken for our boys.. they have been working so hard for so long.. At first it bothered me that our Canadian coverage was focusing more on the Jamaicans.. yes it was a world record, yes incredible.. but what about a little pride in our own?

Then we finally got talking about our guys a little bit more, but then it really annoyed me when all of a sudden because heartbreak and failure was on the line, all attention was turned on them. It’s like.. they will now get more coverage with their disqualification, and that they COULD have got bronze, then their actual bronze medal performance… The media’s preying (or praying) on heartache and disaster aggravates me SO much.

I do hope more Canadians see this race like I do. This race does not define them, although sadly it will to many, because it is all they know, all they see..

I see 4 (+ the alternates) hard working dudes who have been giving everything for years..

The feeling of working so hard, giving everything, your life, to this goal… like trekking for years through unknown territory full of obstacles and trials.. for years. Imagine that. Getting there. And then being told no. That was a horrible thing for them to feel. And I am sure it will linger for a little while. But these guys should hold their heads high.. Because the reality, is that their work for however many years.. was successful. Yes, they got disqualified by one misstep on the line. Would that have been advantageous enough to make the difference of 3rd down to 4th? I don’t think so. It’s one step, one inch.. it wasn’t going to make a difference in the final. On top of that, Justyn came from the back, with more than physical power, it was his will.. it was his no matter what. He was going to finish that leg ahead. And he did.

I am sure Jared is feeling some tough pressure.. Good for you, not make up excuses. Rules are rules. They are harsh and unforgiving. And good for him to apologize and take the blame. Good man. It happens, one step out of the thousands taken over the years. Can’t hang on to that stuff.. And I don’t think he will. True Olympian, focusing on the positive, and moving forward. It was not just that race, but everything over the years.

Maybe this will be a lesson to many Canadians how tough it is to make the podium, even third, how close it really can be, and how damn good that bronze sounds when all of a sudden it is taken away.

But those guys.. those guys should be SO proud. Super exciting and what impressive execution, on the highest stage. They just ran a third place finish next to the world record holders. Impressive. SO impressive.. For us. Canada. That’s right. We’re coming back. These boys are putting us back on the map.

Keep your heads held high boys.. you made us all VERY proud.. More proud than heartbroken.

Super proud.

This will be the moment that will stand for me. Not the heartbroken ones. These guys did it.

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