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Motivation for London Marathon – Niamh’s Next Step

Posted on March 21st, by Josh Cassidy in niamhs next step. No Comments

I’ve been having a hard time recently finding motivation for training.. not sure what it is, feeling like it has to do alot with the many frustrations I had been dealing with over the last few months. But I think I’ve found it. Racing has been about bettering myself, and of course winning. I love competition, I love improving, and my drive has always been to be the best at whatever I do. I also always was motivated by having a platform through success in order to make a difference.  I’ve finally found something that I really hope I can make a difference.

Little 5 year old Niamh Curry (pronounced Neeve) residing in the UK has Neuroblastoma cancer… the same type of cancer I was born with. Her parents had contacted me via twitter, telling me about their little girl, and the hope it gave to see someone make it through and doing what I’ve done. I’m very grateful I am here today, and I ‘ve always just handled every obstacle, constantly focussing on “the next big thing”. But this definitely made me appreciate what I have, and also recognize the battle Niamh is battling with her parents right now. I’ve arranged to meet Niamh while I am in the UK for the Virgin London Marathon. I’m glad that I can be an inspiration and a role model, but I want to REALLY make a difference and try to help Niamh raise the funds for her treatments. Her family is trying to raise nearly 450,000 GBP in order to get her to Philadelphia for treatment. Please see for her story and how you can help. So I will be racing with “Niamh’s Next Step” on my racing top, along with the text CURE50 to 70070 to help donate to Niamh. Trying to get Niamh some good seats at the finish line, and hoping to do well for her, and use that platform to get little Niamh’s story out there.  With everything that has gone on, I’m a little behind than normal in training, but I have found the motivation to really up my game for the next four weeks. Setbacks are behind, and where there is a will there is always a way. I have definitely found the will again.

Please see for her story and how you can help.

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