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(MIS)Adventures at the Berlin Marathon

Posted on February 9th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

The power of attraction is something I strongly believe in. If you focus on something enough, it will come to you – whether it’s a positive or a negative thing.

Before my trip to Germany to compete in the Berlin Marathon, I heard about a German athlete who had his chair left behind, and then completely misplaced, on the exact same airline and flight I was going to be on – Newcastle, England through Dusseldorf to Berlin. I focused good energy on this matter before my trip, saying to myself, “All of my baggage will get there fine.” I really tried to be confident and to not think about the matter much.

Maybe it paid off, because my racing wheelchair arrived in Berlin in one piece. I was very satisfied. The Berlin airport (unlike Frankfurt’s) is extremely efficient. My driver was right there in the pickup area on time, and it looked like I’d arrive on schedule at my hotel in 20 minutes.

Things didn’t go so smoothly, though. Starting with a little car accident on my way to the hotel… READ THE FULL POST HERE AT:

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