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Touched Down in London Paralympics 2012 Part 1

Posted on August 28th, by Josh Cassidy in london olympics. No Comments

It has been an absolutely crazy year. I am on a plane, on my flight to London, for the event I’ve been waiting for, training for, working hard for.. the last year.. the last four years… the last 12 years. Its been absolutely exhausting at points, especially in this last year, where I have had to overcome more things at once than I have ever had to in my life. Hard to have had time to be excited with all the focus needed to ensure the experience WILL be exciting when I’m there. The intensity needed to maintain such focus, and the pressure I’ve put on myself to maintain this focus has been exhausting. Getting worried when I’m not ‘on’, and then having to change my mindset to telling myself its okay, that I know what I am doing, so I should be relaxed. And that it is okay, to save some energy for when its real close. Making sure i don’t get too relaxed, To worrying maybe i am expending too much energy in other areas of my life, and trying to separate from everyone and everything to conserve. Because everything. Everyday. For so long has been about this moment.. from sleeping to eating to staying healthy to training to funding.. And remaining confident through it all.. It’s tough.

The mental aspect is so huge. Well, it is for me anyways.. Some thrive off the relaxed carefree no pressure, which is a state of mind also. I think the key has been balance of both.

I’ve been pretty quiet all year and I do miss the many family and friends who I haven’t seen in so long. Don’t worry, our time is coming;) Can’t wait to see everyone!.. and be CHILL again finally! And PLEASE know u haven’t been forgotten.

I am SO grateful to everyone who has helped me along this journey. My longtime coach Amanda Fader, who has been with me through EVERYthing, nearly from the getgo. Wayne Burke, my strength coach who has been dedicating so much time to making me stronger, and keeping me in a good place.. and EVERYONE at the Shift facility in Guelph who has catered to ally needs in preparation for this moment. Aita for the massages and vent sessions. Darren for being on the bike with me the last few months pushing me harder and making me faster. My major sponsor Inter Pipeline, who has relieved SO much financial stress the last two years, Westowne Mazda for bailing me out of a transportation crisis and getting me to training everyday.. David my agent for keeping all my loose ends together! Jack, Colin and Sean for the web and marketing stuff.

And last but not least, all of the people who have shown SO much support along the way. It has been SO greatly appreciated, and knowing so many people have my back has made the daily in and out grind easier. The people from my hometown of Saugeen Shores have been absolutely incredible, particularly the Stanley family who did the leg work and brought the whole community together in support. The “send off” left me never so flattered in my life. There is a way too many people to remember to thank here..

You are all with me on the track.. thank you.

Part 2 soon…

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