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Jesse Grass leaving Port Elgin and Shoreline Beacon Newspaper

Posted on October 14th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

Jesse Grass, who has been the sportswriter for the Shoreline Beacon Newspaper, has set off to start a new adventure. He’s off to BC to begin something new, and he will be greatly missed by many in the Saugeen Shores community. Jesse covered all of the sports- both local and professional, but it was his equal passion and understanding for both that will leave Saugeen Shores missing the man behind the sports section. He had the interest, knowledge and passion that matched all of those closest to the sports he covered. Jesse was amazing at keeping everyone back home up to date with my latest events, and I was just recently getting to know him on a more personal level… Unfortunately just in time for his departure… I especially owe him so much for all he did for me in the last few months, helping get the community to support me in my Paralympic endeavors, and personally organizing some events to raise money for the high costs of my sport. As a community in general we are grateful to have had him as our sportswriter, and I am sure he will be missed even more in the near future. But from my heart, I would like to wish Jesse all of the best. Jesse, I hope you achieve all that you dream and set out and do. And thank you once again …

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