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Into the finals…

Posted on September 5th, by Josh Cassidy in london olympics. No Comments

I’m relaxed. Have been now for a bit and just being in “the now”, whatever that is, giving all I’ve got.

Speed is coming back. Finally. Not where it was a few weeks ago but still, day by day progression, taking the positives!

And when it was time to line up I was relaxed, positive but let go, knowing I’m going to give all I’ve got and push my heart out. It was going to be close in some very tough heats with only top 2 advancing, and next two fastest times overall.

I couldn’t have played it any better tactically and I couldn’t have pushed harder, coming out with a close fourth place. And a season’s best time too :)

I knew then I had a shot but it would come down to time. If the third place finisher in the next two heats was faster, I’d be out.

As I did my lap around the track to the athlete exit, I realized that it could be my last time on the track… and so as i slowly rolled down the final straight I just looked up and stared at my family and friends up in the rafters, cheering and waving and going crazy.. and just let it sink in. And take in the moment.

So grateful to P&G Thank You Mom campaign and Aeroplan for their combined effort to get everyone there..

Then the waiting game…:)

I just sat smiling in suspense waiting for the next two heats to go. Out of my hands now.

Seriously so crazy thinking of the guys who could get knocked out. These races are unforgiving, even my Aussie buddy and multiple Paralympic medalist Kurt Fearnley got the boot. And the guy has INCREDIBLE speed. But these things are just as much a chess match. And fractions of a second. That’s racing.

Anyways, waited through the next two heats, telling the guys through the TV to ‘slow down’.

So relieved, another shot.

2 more laps to go… :) This has been crazy.

Josh qualifying to 800m finals

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