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I’m alright

Posted on April 15th, by Josh Cassidy in in the news. 3 comments

**Editors Note: A follow up blog post to Boston 2013 – de-throned fair and square after the Boston Marathon Attack**

Thank you to all my friends and family for the many messages of concern… xo

I was across Copley Square, (across from the finish) beside my hotel at a restaurant when I heard the explosions go off… No one was sure what it was at first, but I got a gut feeling it wasn’t good… and I put down my fork cause I couldn’t eat. Sure enough moments later you could hear the commotion outside, and out the window were people running from the finish line area, across the street.

I wasn’t afraid at all myself, more just really sad seeing others in fear… My first concern was all the people I know, particularly friends, and organizers, or other top athletes that could still be in the area. Thank heavens it seems everyone I know is fine.

The marathon store I had just been to last night to pick up my racing top for today, was in front of the explosion, and had its windows blown in. Hoping the awesome and friendly staff are all okay…

Seeing the people running and hearing the screams on the replay was just horrible. Hard keeping back tears for those visibly really emotionally or physically damaged.

This is a day that is usually filled with joy, pride, celebration, and SO many other things. Unfortunately today ended with an energy and emotions that are everything BUT what the Boston Marathon represents.

I never saw anyone injured with my own eyes, only those emotionally damaged and crying. Saw a few pictures sent from others at the scene. Of course it looks like limbs were lost, and a few people are reported deceased at the moment.

My heart, my thoughts, my prayers, all go out to those hurt, those frightened, and to all of those family and friends who still don’t know if their loved ones are okay.

Still no confirmation on whether it was a transformer, or a bomb.. I hope it is the former. Either way, no one should let fear win.

With the type of people that run in this event, organize this event, support this event, sponsor this event, and cheer on the 26,000 who have come to run this legendary course… the Boston Marathon will recover and be more special than ever next year.

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  • Jessica Matassa

    Really glad to hear you’re safe. Please stay that way. Was almost sick when I saw it happen. I figured you had long since finished but didn’t know if you were in the area. Thankful you’re okay.

  • Tony Mate

    Good to hear you’re safe Josh.

  • Paul Harris

    Just saw your interview on the BBC after being literally knocked out of the London Marathon. Concern for the woman you clashed with, an appeal for a change in how the race is organized, and not a word of complaint for yourself. I pointed this out to my son as exemplary behaviour that he should aspire to, even though it would be a little harder for him because he’s not Canadian ;) I take my hat off to you sir.