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Harlem School visit – NYC Marathon

Posted on February 27th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. 2 comments

Before Marathon Sunday, I went to visit a school in Harlem where youngsters were taking part in a program run by the New York Road Runners (NYRR) called “Mighty Milers”. The program promotes fitness among children in schools and community centers, helping them to stay active in today’s society. It is especially tough in areas of NY where there isn’t a lot of safe green park spaces for kids to stay active, or among families who cannot afford extra-curricular activities. Even in the particular school I visited, the small gymnasium was split in half and was being shared between multiple schools.

The “Mighty Milers” program offers several various running programs for kids of different ages. The children’s’ progress is tracked, as they aim to complete a full marathon, 26.2 miles (42 kilometers), by the end of the school year.

The kids I met were very cute, all full of energy but needing an outlet. Their light and innocent energy filled me up, and I hope I left some sort of impression on them to stay healthy and active. The younger generation needs our guidance, and it is up to us to show them what we all deep down know is so important- a healthy and active lifetyle.

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  • Lucie Desbiens

    This is so great Josh!! You are bound to impress these kids with your message. I heard you at St. Joseph’s last year, and I was impressed!! You live what you say…your words are bonus! You are so awesome!!

  • David

    Lets hope they take their enthusiasm and this experience into later life!