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Great North Run

Posted on January 11th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

IMG_3531lowresjosh GNR start IMG_3585lowres IMG_3591lowres

It was a wet morning for one of my favorite races of the year, the Great North Run, in Newcastle, England.  While the rain ceased, the spray from the tires moving over the wet roads created a few problems early on with my grip.  However it was only about a kilometre or so in when I found myself breaking away with fellow competitor David Weir, from South London.  As we created a decent gap from the rest of the pack, it eventually turned into a little game of cat and mouse. One of us would attack, only to find the other still sitting on their tail.  In the last few kilometers, we both sort of realized that no one was going to get away, and we settled in for a final sprint.  It was nice to find myself and David ensue side by side, in an unspoken agreement to not draft each other for the final 2 kilometers.  “May the strongest man on the day win” as it were… Well, that was David today.  He got ahead as he sprinted up the final small hill, then retained that distance to the finish, winning by about 6 seconds.  I always want to win, but I sure can enjoy a second place after a fun race!

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