The Josh Cassidy brand comes together with a lot of work and collaboration with experts who specialize in their craft. Behind Josh is a team that believes in his journey and along the way he has made a lot of friends.

Alongside coaches, trainers, managers there are photographers, marketers, designers and web geeks. All coming together behind the driving spirit and love of sport; we support Josh to help make his dream a reality.

Team Cassidy has been busy preparing Josh for the next chapter in his life as an Olympic athlete in London 2012, and beyond.

Besides racing, Josh is a national and international leader inspiring everywhere he travels. We intend to get his message out to as many as we can.

Working together, we can create amazing things.

Web Partners

Jack Shepherd
Web Design & Production – Jackson Wynne

Paul Phillips
Design Consultant – Jackson Wynne


CC Martin
Branding and Marketing – 4th & Goal


Mike Lewis
Main Website Photography

Dan Bannister
Inter Pipeline sponsor photo

“Thank you so much to past supporters, continuing supporters, and new supporters- you are all a part of Team Canada. I appreciate your support and am forever grateful”
- Josh Cassidy