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CBC Commonwealth Games blog entry upon arrival in Delhi

Posted on February 24th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. 2 comments


I had a big personal distraction before leaving for the Commonwealth Games, as I came down with a cold/flu for a few days before leaving. Probably a combination of sitting in the cold rain at the disastrous Berlin Marathon, dehydration from traveling, and a bug going around Guelph, Ont., where I live.

It was the first time I had been sick in a while. No big deal, though, right? It’s only a flu. Well, as an athlete who’s only one week away from competition, it’s not the best time to be missing training sessions.

I also don’t experience the flu in the same way the average person does. As a result of the cancer I had as an infant, my nervous system overreacts and I get shooting pains in my legs, sides, and back. The areas that were affected by the neuroblastoma feel like they are being electrocuted every 15 seconds, or like someone is pounding me with a steel-toed boot. Pain killers do nothing, and it lasts about 48 hours. I lose lots of sleep and afterwards I feel battered and bruised. Not the best way to recover from a marathon and prepare for the Commonwealth Games!

The biggest struggle is to overcome this mentally. READ THE REST OF THE BLOG ENTRY at :

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  • Jenna

    Hi Josh
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are a real hero and an inspiration. I suffer in severe chronic pain daily because I have a life threatening bone disease. Medications don’t work for a lot of the pain. U are an amazing person. The motto I live by in life is to never give up and keep fighting no matter what challenge you come across in your life.

    • josh

      I am visiting my Mom’s right now, and was just looking at her fridge magnet: “Never never never give up.” You’re right, no matter what you are dealing with, it always gets better, or a little easier over time, if you stay strong. We are never dealt something that is too hard for us to deal with, though somethings may push us to our absolute limits. Though at times difficult to control, the power of the mind is incredible.