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CAN Fund donates over $1,000,000 to Canadian Athletes

Posted on October 31st, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. 2 comments

July 27, 2010- The Canadian Athletes Now Fund has donated over $1,000,000 to Canadian Athletes, each receiving $6000 to cover the costs of their sport.  With London 2012 only 2 years away, the CAN Fund gave away $6000 to the first 190 selected recipients. 545 athletes applied, 1/3 of which rank not only top in Canada, but top 10 in the world. Out of the summer athletes ranking top 10 in the world, 58% have negative net income.  This organization has done an incredible job taking care of its athletes, headed by Jane Roos, a promising athlete whose career was cut short at 19 after a car accident.

I was one of the first athlete’s to be selected for funding. So a big thank you to all of the people who donated to this organization, and a huge thanks to the members of the CAN Fund, whose hard work makes my dreams and goals more possible.  THANK YOU!

To learn more about this organization or to donate, please go to

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    This is good news. At least an organization is still responsive to the needs of athletes in Canad. This support will certainly help a lot of people.

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    Truly inspiring.