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BUPA Great North Run 2009

Posted on September 29th, by Josh Cassidy in wheelchair racing. No Comments

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After a hard few weeks of hills, the cold, and a few muscle problems I picked up as a result, I got very sick after the Tunnel Race, 3 days before the half-marathon.  Again, I won this event last year, but this year had tougher competition.  Dave said he was training hard, and when Dave Weir says he has been training, he DEFINITELY has been training well… because when he says he isn’t, he is still at the top of the field.  For those who are new to racing, David Weir is currently the world record holder in 2 events. I was also sick, so I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out.  Off the gun I was first out, but it was Denis Lemeunier who led the pack for the first 2k or so.  He was pulling a pack of 5 or 6 very strong, and I was having troubles getting in.   Finally settled in the pack for about a minute before Denis pulled off, Dave pulled aside and no one was moving up on this short uphill.  I felt good, by impulse, I decided to take it.  Thought that may have been a mistake, with not feeling well and all and I was a bit worried about embarrassment.  But I pulled hard up the hill for a bit, turned around, and found that I dropped the whole pack and only Dave was there.  We both took turns equally from the front for over half of the race, and on his 2nd attack attempt he dropped me by about 100m. We stayed about 100m apart for the majority of the remainder of the race, and by the end he made about 300m on me.  I finished 2nd, 2mins faster than the time I won with last year, and while Dave beat his 3-year-old course record, so did I by almost half a minute. David’s previous record was 42:33, My time was 42:12, Dave finished 41:34.  I wanted to be closer but not bad for being sick, doing 3/4 of the race from the front, and with Mr. Weir being in good form.  This is definitely one of my favorite races to go to every year… Absolutely brilliant pictures by Burdus/Critical Tortoise

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