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Boston 2013 – de-throned fair and square

Posted on April 15th, by Josh Cassidy in in the news, wheelchair racing. 1 Comment

Well, I didn’t want to go on record before the race and say whole bunch or make predictions. But the article in the Globe and Mail pretty much quotes my feelings before the race: Read it here.

Everyone was asking about defending my title, but that feels like action as a result of unnecessary pressure. So I looked at it as ATTACKING. Attacking the course, going for the win, and going for the record. Regardless of who won last year.

Leading up this year I have had a MUCH better and consistent build up to Boston compared to last year. The last two weeks before the race I pretty much mirrored my training plan because it obviously worked, and also, to use as a benchmark. Every single session this year was better than last years during this period.

So I was confident going into the race, but not overconfident. There would be the biggest and best field to date, adding notables Marcel Hug (world record holder in multiple events), as well as Hiroyuki Yamamoto (a marathon man known for excelling on the rolling courses). I thought it would be interesting to see where they would end up after the first few steep downhills which the course is known for. Yamamoto has a very expensive aerodynamic chair, so I knew he would roll VERY well.

The forecast kept switching, and in the end, it was cool, with a headwind the whole way. I don’t mind cold weather at all, and it doesn’t bother me.. however my muscles don’t like it. I seem to get a lot more lactic than normal in these conditions.

I also trained this year to go for the win, and the record, under favourable conditions.. meaning I packed on some extra muscles mass to carry me down those hills. But with a head wind it would work against me more than it already does.

Either way I was very interested to see how it would turn out.

I was surprised in the first 5k, and 10k, there was a huge pack. That is where I usually get a break right away. The headwind slows the speed down the hills, and evens out the playing field. So I knew right away it would be a tough one.

Yamamoto was just ahead of the pack for nearly the whole race. Was an unbelievable performance. Between his very aerodynamic chair, and his relentless short stroke push, he was definitely the best built for the conditions today.

Two of us dropped off the pack consisting of five chasing the lead, around the halfway mark. And it was slow hard slugging the rest of the way.

Ended up finishing around 9th I think.

Tough one. A little bit frustrating for all the work gone in. But that’s racing. Also congrats to 9 time champ Ernst Van Dyk, for a great race and finishing 2nd. He seemed to be in the best form he’s been in for the last few years, since focusing more on hand cycling.

Really a solid hard effort by all. Well done today boys. Especially Hiroyuki.. amazing effort.

Off to London tomorrow for the first race marking the Boston/London Marathon series. More people have succumbed to the insanity of two marathons in 6 days. Partially for the challenge, partially to chase a little extra pocket money for these hard working road warriors.

Rest. Recoup. Refocus. Race.

Thanks to all for all the support and encouragement. You’ve been amazing.

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  • Jessica Dean

    I am so glad you are okay Josh! My heart stopped as soon as I heard!!!!