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1500m final Recap – London


4th September

Finished last in the final.. I guess only a second from first but it felt much longer than that!
Not upset.. I’ve definitely let go and accepted where I am at. I was pumped all day but in warm up… read more

Deciding to share


2nd September

*I haven’t been speaking to media, friends, family, competitors, anyone.  But I’ve decided to share now. Sure it doesn’t matter what people think, I don’t need to excuse. But everyone who supports me deserves to know.  I wrote this the… read more

Tough Decision


30th August

Last night I made the difficult decision not to attend the Opening Ceremonies… I know many of you were looking out for me. Why you may ask?
Well it definitely would have been amazing. My first experience at the Beijing… read more

Touched Down in London Paralympics 2012 Part 2


29th August

So.. the burning questions..
How do I think it will go? What am I expecting? I am expecting that I will be giving everything for medals. All of that focus I was talking about was to ensure that I would… read more

Touched Down in London Paralympics 2012 Part 1


28th August

It has been an absolutely crazy year. I am on a plane, on my flight to London, for the event I’ve been waiting for, training for, working hard for.. the last year.. the last four years… the last 12 years.… read more

MY favourite memory of the 2012 Olympic Games


19th August

I am heartbroken for our boys.. they have been working so hard for so long.. At first it bothered me that our Canadian coverage was focusing more on the Jamaicans.. yes it was a world record, yes incredible.. but what… read more

CBC National – London Marathon/Niamhs Next Step


22nd April

Sunday April 22nd, 2012
Feature on Sunday’s CBC National- Wonderful job by Adrienne, Erin, and the rest of the crew! CBC National- Josh Cassidy London Marathon/Niamh’s Next Step
One minor teleprompter error at the start, I did win the Virgin… read more

Visiting Niamh in the hospital


21st April

The motivation for my training for the last two months now has been for one little girl… Niamh (pronounced Neeve) Curry. I decided I would brand up with her charity, Niamh’s Next Step, instead of finding a sponsor for the… read more

WIN! at 2012 Boston Marathon, and recording Worlds fastest time


17th April

I have to compile and update all of this, with links pictures and videos.. but for now, everything has been posted on my facebook fanpage –
Winning time of one hour, 18 minutes and 25 seconds.
Accomplished this incredible… read more

Motivation for London Marathon – Niamh’s Next Step


21st March

I’ve been having a hard time recently finding motivation for training.. not sure what it is, feeling like it has to do alot with the many frustrations I had been dealing with over the last few months. But I think… read more