Photo by Dan Bannister

Inter Pipeline

Branded up with Simon Storage for the Tunnel 2K 2010 in Newcastle England, Josh presented a piece of his original artwork at a company meeting to thank his sponsors. Parent company Inter Pipeline CEO David Fesyk was also in attendance at the meeting and was intrigued by Josh’s character and drive. He made sure that Inter Pipeline could help Josh pursue his goals, and thus Inter Pipeline became a title sponsor.


Shift Unreal Fitness

While on a bus traveling to a Golden League event in Hengelo, Netherlands, Josh got chatting with the legendary Olympic sprint coach Loren Seagrave about being in the market for a new strength coach. Loren mentioned former associate Wayne Burke, and gave Josh his contact details. He began working with Wayne in November 2009 and improved immediately. By September 2010 Shift Unreal Fitness training facility became a full time sponsor for Josh, allowing him use of their facility, personal training, massage therapy and osteopath treatments.




Westowne Mazda

Last fall, Josh’s trusty Mazda Protege was nearing the end of its life. It had driven Josh 300,000 kilometres over the last few years to competitions and meets across the continent. Confident that a car company would sponsor, Josh rented in the meantime to ensure he was able to get his training in. After spending thousands of dollars waiting and starting to lose hope, Westowne Mazda of Toronto generously stepped up to the plate. The Figliano family gave Josh a Mazda 3 sport to make sure Josh was able to travel to his training sessions in preparation for London 2012 and beyond.



The ‘Thank You Mom’ campaign has touched many during the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. With Josh being the oldest of 10 children, combined with his amazing story and many accomplishments, as well as his mother’s amazing ‘job’, made Josh and Anne a perfect fit for sharing the P&G key message. Josh was very enthusiastic about the opportunity to recognize his parents’ role in his life, as were his parents to celebrate their son’s accomplishments. They corresponded well with the universal archetype so many identify with.



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