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1500m final Recap – London

Posted on September 4th, by Josh Cassidy in london olympics. 2 comments

Finished last in the final.. I guess only a second from first but it felt much longer than that!

Not upset.. I’ve definitely let go and accepted where I am at. I was pumped all day but in warm up I was having troubles hitting speeds I can usually average for an extended period of time, so I knew medaling would be tough. That’s hard going into a final and believing you still have a shot. I still got all ready mentally and pushed it like I was going for it.

SO nice seeing my family there.. no matter how it turned out, they were proud, and that gave me the boost this time. You look for those things to give you a boost, and try to feed off them.

The start was a crazy mess. I got stuck in the back with all of the chairs converging. That’s fine though. With a huge pack all bunched up, I did not want to be at the back if there was an attack or a final sprint. I moved up, and even though I was in the front with headwind and in lane 3 I was very comfortable. I didn’t want to get caught up. We weren’t going fast so i wasn’t expending too much. At least everyone watching me in the crowd and back home could see I was going to go for it despite everything.

I was going to try and get on David’s wheel when he went. But I also knew the Chinese on the inside could be dangerous.

I looked over to David and said, ‘let’s box em in’- referencing the Chinese. And pushed it for him to move up.

He knew what I was doing, and when the bell went everyone went. From my position it forced everyone around me, going wide.

My top end speed is still not back, and generally I’m still drained. But I gave everything.

There was A LOT of upset guys after that race.. multiple world record holder Marcel Hug got his second fourth, Kurt Fearnley who arguably has the highest top end speed was caught up right near the back. He was trying to be safe but everything happens so quick. Just goes to show I did the right thing by moving up, it was more a matter of just not being back to myself then expending energy. Because I an sure he wasn’t tired at all.

I’m definitely not saying I could guarantee a medal. Like I’ve said earlier… everyone in that final could have. And if that race was re run back to back, guaranteed much different order.. because it is THAT close, and everyone is at that level. Even me not being ‘myself’ coming last, just a second from first.. should have been even closer. Crazy.

If I couldn’t live the glory for myself tonight, I was happy for my buddy and often training partner David Weir. The man deserves it. He has been working hard and in the form of his life, with the weight of a nation on his shoulders. Knowing I couldn’t do it for myself tonight, I’m glad that it turned out that I was able to help a friend on the battlefield.. he could have done it without me, but I’m glad i was able to give him a edge. This genuinely made me happy and it is the positive I am taking from this one.

He made sure to thank me in his lap of glory, and after came straight to me on the side of the warm up track to give me a big hug. I think aside from medals, that shows the spirit and sportsmanship of David and what these Games represent. Brothers fighting against each other but with each other at the same time.

As for myself, rest and then a crazy 800m semi in the morning. Had two naps today and still tired so my body is still trying to play catch up. But off antibiotics and feeling progression at least. Doing everything I can and hopefully I’ll be closer to myself by the Marathon. Physically the time frame is tough, but mentally I know my ‘will’, WILL do everything it can to make up for it.

And in closing, as always, thanks all of or the love and support

Josh racing 1500m London 2012

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  • Annie

    positive and honest, truly inspirational, your family is amazing and their support is born from a great love for you…thank you for sharing…

  • deb stanton

    Watched your race at a little cafe in Port Elgin. You are so awesome!!! The sportsmanship amongst you brings a tear!! Stay tough!! Thanks for the updates. Go Josh Go!!!!